Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mixed Fun

It's a lovely sunny Sunday,we spent an afternoon around Niagara Fall.
The temperature is still little chilly outside,but quite warm when people wander indoor.

I always want to keep my outfit with a balance in between elegant and a little fun,that's why I love the 
mix-match style so much!It's kind of combination of each personality that everyone was born in.

I chose to wear a relatively dignified black dress and leather-gold belt,paired with strawed hat that
brings me the weekend mood.Also I like to use casual bag to lighten up dark dress as always.

Hope you like this look too!


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Windy Warm

      It's a such windy day today,but I was still in good mood to put on something luxurious..

      There is a faux-fur coat I've been waiting for wearing for such a long time.It looks heavy but not warm enough for winter day,and will be too much for warmer season.It's better than ever that when temperature just fall in a perfect amount of coldness.

     I paried it with my favorite toe bag which I think they go so well together that even crazy wind couldn't stop me from taking a luxury walk...LOL

     Hope you like this look too!

Faux-Fur Coat(Arizia)
Toe Bag(Auxiliary)
High-heel(Nine West)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Early Spring Trench

Hi everyone,here comes my very first fashion blog.

       I've always want to share everyday-wear-outfit ideas with same fashion lovers,
and here we go!

Recently I bought a trench from Club Monaco,it's so versatile and elegant.

At its first show I paired it  with white Emoda Bag to lighten the whole look up,
but I can see its potential to create various styles!

Trench:(club monaco)